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Sunday, December 11th, 2005
4:03 am
You are one magnificent person! You are the night
of Christmas. You are a beautiful, good-hearted
person who enjoys the best for others. You are
probably very sentimental as well. You don't
believe in material objects for making you
happy, but in things more important. You truly
live out the spirit and meaning of this
holiday. Being around the ones you care about
most is enough to make you content. The thing
is that most people may either really love or
unfortunately hate you for your beautiful
nature. Merry Christmas =)

What Christmas Figure Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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Saturday, December 10th, 2005
2:06 am

In a Past Life...

You Were: A Happy Go Lucky Undertaker.

Where You Lived: Israel.

How You Died: Hung for treason.

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Friday, December 9th, 2005
1:18 am
Okay, so my sister found this over at Blogthings; and it worried me a lot.

Your Birthdate: June 5

You have many talents, and you are great at sharing those talents with others.
Most people would be jealous of your clever intellect, but you're just too likeable to elicit jealousy.
Progressive and original, you're usually thinking up cutting edge ideas.
Quick witted and fast thinking, you have difficulty finding new challenges.

Your strength: Your superhuman brainpower

Your weakness: Your susceptibility to boredom

Your power color: Tangerine

Your power symbol: Ace

Your power month: May

current mood: scared

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Thursday, December 8th, 2005
11:10 am
Okay, so I found this over at Blogthings; and it worried me a little.

You Know You're Addicted to Harry Potter When...

+ You make a wand and try to use it.

You call your least favorite teacher Snape.

You call your favorite teacher Dumbledore.

You wear robes to school or work.

You make "floo powder", get in the fire, and try to go to your friends' house.

+ You have read all the books more than four times.

You've been to a bookstore at midnight to get the latest Harry Potter book before all your friends.

... And then you stayed up all night reading it.

+ You've worn a Harry Potter costume in public.

+++ You have a crush on one of the Harry Potter characters.

+ You've gotten at least one of your friends addicted to Harry Potter.

You actually caught the "Wand Order" mistake before you heard/read about it.

You are upset at the New York Times for creating a seperate childrens best seller list because of the Harry Potter books.

+ Using clues in the book, you have attempted to find the exact geographical location of Hogwarts.

You have constructed a timeline of events in the Harry Potter books.

You have attempted to figure out the exact ages of all the Weasley children?

+ You have spent time contemplating which main characters will die by the time the series is over.

You've been to see all the Harry Potter movies on opening night. (Bonus points for standing in line in costume!)

+ You've read Harry Potter fanfic.

You've written Harry Potter fanfic.

You run a Harry Potter fansite.

You visit The Leaky Cauldron daily.

You've met other Harry Potter fans from online in real life.

+ You've participated in a Harry Potter RPG.

+ You've dreamed about Harry Potter Hermione & Ginny & Fleur.

You have a Harry Potter poster on your wall.

Each Halloween, there's no question what you'll dress up as...!

You've spent time doing a timeline to see if you would have been old enough to date a certain character when you were in high school.

You've vacationed to London, simply to search for the Leaky Cauldron.

You own a black lab named Sirius Black.

You've knitted a Weasley sweater or Harry Potter scarf.

+ You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends who are addicted to Harry Potter.

So that's what? Only 13 of them... yikes, I need to work harder!

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Wednesday, December 7th, 2005
12:48 am - Ye Can't Get Ye Flask
If you were supreme ruler of all that you surveyed, what would be your own Ten Commandments? What ten absolute truths or rules would the hapless citizens of Youtopia have to memorize and obey?

Before I start crafting my commandments, I'd like to say a few things about "Youtopia" *shudders* Is that really the best name the quizmasters could think of? Okay, first off we're renaming it to "Endsville". Much better. Now, Endsville is going to be a theocracy, you all know what that is, yes? Good. Next, upon birth everyone gets to choose their facial and bodily features; which will never change throughout their lifetime. Upon their 12th birthday they will choose an aspiration (love, money, friendship, knowledge, etc) and spend the rest of the life furthering that goal. Also, they will choose from several available jobs such as ninja, pirate, or space marine. From there, they will be given a list of possible actions; including "north", "south", and "Dennis."

Now that we're clear, here are my 10 commandments for the ihabitatants of Endsville:

Commandment I - The original ten commandments still apply.

Commandment II - Thou shalt develop science.
"Any technology distinguishable from magic is insufficiently advanced" - G. Benford

Commandment III - There is no 19th story. There is no Mrs. Zarves.

Commandment IV - Honor thy father and thy mother. Parents, stop using this as an excuse to be idiots.

Commandment V - Thou shalt not develop colorful mascots for religious holidays.

Commandment VI - Any educational facility which offers training to an age group spanning greater than 5 years, must also make on-site facilities avaliable for the training of the following age group.
Think about it, and you'll get it.

Commandment VII - Thou shalt master at least one of the martial arts.
This is my solution to crime, homosexuality, and teenage pregnancy. Seriously. In order to "master" a martial art, one has to follow the values that martial art stands for. Standard choices? Honor. Loyalty. Truth. Besides, if they ever acted dishonorably, they'd have to commit supukku.

Commandment VIII - Information is free.

Commandment IX - Thou shalt not take upon thyselves weapons of a chemical, biological, or atomical nature
That pretty much leaves knives, swords, bows & arrows, throwing stars, and fire. (Keeps things interesting)

Commandment X - Get Ye Flask

Also, I've come up with a brilliant solution to the welfare problem. If people send in welfare claims stating that they are "unable to work"; government attack ninjas will appear at their door, and attempt to break every limb in their body. If they can defend themselves (see commandment VII), then they are obviously fit enough to work. If they cannot, then they obviously are not following the religious commandments of this culture, and, as it is a theocracy, that would be a capital offence. Problem solved.

current mood: holy

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Tuesday, December 6th, 2005
11:42 pm - Service Pack 2.0
Another quiz, because nothing is going on!

1. If the cable/dish is out of service, what is your reaction and why?
Not too upset, my TIVO has enough stuff saved to keep me entertained for a while. And when I'm done with that, there's my ever growing collection of unwatched anime. Besides, who has time for TV these days?

2. If the electricity is out of service, what is your reaction and why?
Light headedness, dizziness, convulsions, internal hemmoraging, coma, death.

3. If the phone service is out of service, what is your reaction and why?
A little worried about what I'm missing on the internet, but I can last a few days… okay hours… without it.

4. If your cell phone is out of service, what is your reaction and why?
Meh. I barely use the thing anyway.

5. How dependent on a scale from 1 to 5 (5 being extremely dependent) are you on the four items/services that were just mentioned and do you think it is a good or bad thing?
Aside from electricity I really don't care about my service status. It's nice to know everything's working, but if it's not I can get by for awhile.

10 Brand Names You Can't Live Without

1. Microsoft
2. Adobe
3. Coke
4. ACDSee
5. WinAMP
6. Logitech
7. Empire
8. Electronic Arts
9. Sony
10. Mcafee

current mood: bored

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Monday, December 5th, 2005
2:55 am - Somebody Order Grandma Some New Depends
Flipped my car today.

On the way to work I hit some ice; fishtailed for awhile, and then went off the road. Instead of a ditch, I discovered that it was just a drop-off. So as the car flies through the air, smashes into some trees and then starts to roll down a hill; time slows down almost to a standstill and I start to think.

Things that I didn't think about include:
"Damn, I just filled the tank up yesterday."
"I wonder who that hot girl at the AVDX was."
"Wouldn't it be cool to be doing Form #2 on top of a car flying through the air?"

Instead, I was granted a brief look into the meaning of life, the universe, and everything. This secret is far too great to share on the internet though, instead ask me about it the next time you see me; and I'll tell you a tasty story of millions of shining white lights.

After that, things got a little hazy. My first real call on my new cell phone... and nobody answers. Apparently they thought it was my uncle calling, so they just left it. But I kept calling, and eventually got through. They called a bunch of people; including work, the police, the fire department, the hospital, the ambulance, and some family friends who own a Hummer. The hummer arrived first. XD My leg was a little sore, so we decided to just wait until the ambulance arrived. "Luckily", my uncle was one of the paramedics on call tonight, so he organized the process of getting me out of the car without moving my back. Once they did, into the ambulance; and off to the hospital. The doctor poked around for a little bit, and then let me walk home.

I was overall impressed by how the doctor managed to check all 2000 of my bones for possible damage in the space of about 2 minutes. Sure glad he didn't cut corners or anything. *rolls eyes* Once I arrived home I was given the generic "How you feeling/doing" from the (grand)parents. I did manage to restrain myself from saying "Like I just flipped my car, rolled down a hill, and managed to stop (before drowning in the lake) by smashing into some trees."

Helpful thoughts from the parents / grandparents:
"Good thing you were wearing a seat-belt."
"Must have been slippery."
"I bet you'll hurt more in the morning."


My sister, fortunately, realized that this was not the time to be reliving the accident, so managed to get me thinking about other things for a few minutes. (Before the cops showed up and ruined everything).*

So now I wait and see what's hurt badly, and what's not... work tomorrow, and Gumdo the day after... should be interesting.

*This phrase is so useful!

[This is also posted on my Website: Never Knows Best]

current mood: sore

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Sunday, December 4th, 2005
9:56 pm - Count... but do it backwards!
8 Firsts.
First Best Friend: Best Friend? Andy, Fall of 1998
First Kiss: Ashley (Summer 2003)
First Date: Erika, Parrsboro Skating Rink, Winter of 2000
First Crush: Erika, Fall of 2000
First Piercing: Piercing free
First Car: Vespa LX 150 (Spring 2006 - I hope!)
First Detention: I was home schooled... every day was detention.
First Plane ride: Debert, Summer of 1999

7 Lasts.
Last Cigarette: April 21st
Last Alchohol: Last Saturday
Last Car Ride: This Morning
Last Kiss: June 17th
Last Movie Seen: Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire
Last person called: Room #141
Last CD Played: CDs? Heh. The last CD compilation I played was the Samurai Champloo OST.

6 Have You Evers.
Have You Ever Gone out with a friend: Yup
Have You Ever Broken the Law: Heh
Have You Ever Been Arrested: Not yet
Have You Ever Skinny Dipped: Yup
Have You Ever Been on TV: Yup
Have You Ever Been in Love: Yup

5 Things.
5 Things You're Wearing: My SLC Hoodie, an Alexander Keith's Brewery Tee-Shirt, my NSCC Grad Ring, a pair of Sony Headphones, and a set of black work pants.
5 Things You've Done Today: Sleep x 5
5 Places You've Been: Victoria BC, Ottawa ON, Montreal QC, Edmonton AL, aaaand Little Tancook Island, NS!
5 Things You're Wishing For: A NEW NIGHT AUDITOR, a new girlfriend, a 2 part OotP, A bigger bedroom, A wand of wishing,
5 Things You're Excited About: My orange belt test, My University applications, The Christmas Season, The mail, Becoming a "Hunter of Fey" in EQ2.

4 Favorite Things:
Memories, Music, Girls, Books

3 People You Can Tell Almost Anything To:

2 Choices.
1. Black or White: Black
2. Hot or Cold: Hot ^^

1 Thing.
1 Thing You Want to Do Before You Die: Become immortal

current mood: tired

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Saturday, December 3rd, 2005
4:45 am - It's a twister!!! THE TWISTER BROUGHT JAWS!
In addition to the Haidong Gumdo society at Mount Allison, I'm also the vice-president of the Anime (Period) Society. It wasn't until I stopped to think for a second, that I've got a LOT of anime since it was formed. Have some good anime to suggest? Then please do!

For my own reference more than anything, here's a compilation of what's in my anime collection at present.

"Action" Anime
Hellsing - I missed out on so much by not becoming a priest.
Cowboy Bebop - "The lesson is this: don't leave things in the fridge."
Samurai Champloo - "You guys again?"
Rurouni Kenshin - Reverse blade swords DON'T work like that! *shudders*

"Girly" Anime
Jubei Chan: The Ninja Girl - "Plump, bouncy, bon-bons"
Kare Kano (His & Her Circumstances) - High school, just like I remembered it...

"WTF" Anime
Furi Kuri - "This ukelele won't cut it!"
Neon Genesis Evangelion - Just...what?
Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi - "It's a twister!!! THE TWISTER BROUGHT JAWS!"

I've also got Melody of Oblivion and Wolf's Rain, but I haven't had the time to watch them yet... so there's no witty quote/though to go along with them. I know you're very disappointed.

Just for kicks I decided to try posting my work schedule on my website, along with all the other stuff that's going on in my life. The result was a almost completely filled calender space which makes me a little sad. Doesn't the term "holiday season" imply that there might be a little bit of "holiday"?

[This is also posted on my Website: Never Knows Best]

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Friday, December 2nd, 2005
5:12 am - Squirrel-Sword, the Space Pirate Ninja (Name is a Work-in-Progress)
I've got nothing better to write about today, so I guess I'll start doing the Friday Five again!

Who is your favourite superhero?
Leadership man, all the way.

If you were a superhero, which one would you be?
That's easy. Wait? Is it. Yes! Superman of course. I wouldn't have too much adjusting to living in Hicksville, cause wait... I grew up there! We already share the biggest weakness, so at least I'd be used to it. The flying would be great (imagine being able to fly and still carry a swiss army knife!). Also, he gets Lana Lang.

Justice League or Injustice League?
How about neither? Leagues are for kiddy supers who can't handle things on their own. The idea is to get a huge lair for YOURSELF, not you and the twelve other generic people who happen to be fighting/instigating crime in this city.

Which supervillain would you be?
Is Mentok the Mind-taker a SUPERvillain? I'm not sure what the qualifications are for that... but him, definatly. Something about appearing in a court room in a flash of lightning and then bursting into manical laughter appeals to me.

If you could have superpowers, what would they be?
World peace?

Let's see... I would be a pirate, but also a ninja. I'd have a hidden layer that was invisable, but under the ocean so that no-one could find it. I would move at the speed of swords (which is 10x faster than the speed of light - you can check but I don't know how) and be able to fly like a flying squirrel. Also, I'd have a space ship. Finially, I'm a guy - if I don't ask for x-ray vision then I don't get to be one anymore.

[This is also posted on my Website: Never Knows Best]

current mood: uninspired

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Thursday, December 1st, 2005
11:46 pm - The Lonely Jewish Octopus
Well it looks as if Josh is going to be working Christmas. See, this is why I'm glad that I converted to Judiasm... Hanukkah is eight days long... so I'm bound to have one of them off, right... right?... This reminds me... if it's Christmas time, then Passover is just a short winter's season away.

For those not in the know, Passover is the big celebration right before Easter that every good jew takes part in. This year it's my turn to do it. Now, those that know me would think that I procrastinated my planning of this special event, but no! No, quite the opposite, I've been foraging lesson material like an Octopus* for this since the task was bestowed upon me last Spring. Unfortunately, now I have so much lesson gathered that I think we'll need to do the twelve days of Passover. Somehow that seems very Jewish to me.

Moses: People of Israel, the last plauge is nigh... soon we will depart for the promised land.
People: Yay!
Moses: But first... a lesson.

At any rate, I think I'll try to trim things down a little so that we at least have some time to eat. Cause eating's important, yo. *Wonders when he will eat next*

* Its just like the story of the grasshopper and the octopus. All year long the grasshopper kept burying acorns for winter while the octopus mooched off his girlfriend and watched TV. Then the winter came, and the grasshopper died, and the octopus ate all his acorns and also he got a racecar.

[This is also posted on my Website: Never Knows Best]

current mood: *shrug*

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Wednesday, November 30th, 2005
11:49 pm - Vengence of the Tooth Fairy
Woot! Finally updated my very very old layout. It's really designed for 1600x1200 (my monitor), but should still look okay for those of you stuck in 1024x768 land.

Had Gumdo tonight. Master Jeff had to leave early though; so after an hour or so of classes, he left and utter chaos began. Two of the OMG!!!-WE-GET-TO-USE-SWORDS!!!!??!!! students decided to have a sparring match using their bokken (wooden swords). (As opposed to the foam or split bamboo [shinai] swords which a sensible person would use). Predictably, things didn't go so well. After waving their swords (OF POWER AND MIGHT!) around for a bit they decided to actually try attacking one another. Seems that one of them forgot how to block. Heh. Anyhow, now he's 1/2 a tooth less a man than he was at the start of the night. The most priceless moment though was just as the tooth lands on the floor with a sickening click; another student turns and says "remember to put that under your pillow tonight."

Then back to Greg's; where I kid you not, we watched a documentary about the Orgasmatron - the details of this doctor created surgical implant occupied our time for the next little while, after which the only thing which could sooth our burning eyes was a nice bowl of ice cream.

[This is also posted on my Website: Never Knows Best]

current mood: ALL-POWERFUL

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Tuesday, November 29th, 2005
11:56 pm - Twisted Soul
I broke my soul today.

For those that don't know, I'm working on my orange belt at the Mount Allison Haidong Gumdo school. One of the requirements for this test is the artful completion of Form #2; which I stepped outside tonight to practice. Not having my usual wooden swords handy I grabbed my real one (which I haven't used since the summer). I went through a few of the basic movements to warm up (straight cut, left/right cuts, walking cuts, sunrise stance; etc) and then started practicing. I lasted about two minutes before discovering that the sword's blade had bent 45 degrees from the hilt. The katana itself, a gift from a past girlfriend; was a chinese made / japanese style practice sword. The quality seems to be a little less than expected; which speaks volumes about the whole relationship really. I suppose now is as good a time to get a new one anyway, since I will be "officially" allowed to use one upon attaining my red belt; and by then I want to be more than skillful with it. The problem now lies in finding someone to forge me a high quality sword; (i.e. one that won't bend when you perform a waist cut with it). Until then, I have the wooden practice swords... and hopefully my shinai will arrive from South Korea shortly; which will let me practice my sparring techniques. (My sister has bravely offered to help with this.)

Apart from the martial arts, I've also been working a lot. A lot. The other night auditor left; leaving me the only employee qualified to balance the hotel's finances at the end of the day. It makes for busy weeks, but at least I enjoy it. It's not too challenging, but there is a nice zen quality to forcibly maintaining balance. The nights lately have been a little odd; either a completely full house or only 3 or 4 rooms. I guess that's "normal" for the holiday season.

I've also started playing Everquest 2, and am having quite a lot of fun with it. I'm playing a Gnome Druid (too short to be a tree-hugger). The only other MMORPG's that I had played were Maple Story and Ragnarok Online; so I was pleasantly suprised with the level of depth this game world has.

Finally, I don't care what anyone says about HP: Goblet of Fire - it was the best friggin' one yet. Yes, I will admit things were rushed; but they did the important bits; and did them WELL.

[This is also posted on my Website: Never Knows Best]

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